By innovating today, we are creating smarter, healthier and more sustainable food in Europe for tomorrow

FoodNL is a partnership of three Dutch triple-helix driven agrifood regions. Together we make up the largest agri & food production area in Europe: AgriFood Capital, Greenport Venlo and Regio Foodvalley. We collaborate to achieve growth and innovation in agrifood. The two main innovation themes of FoodNL are: protein transition and food & health.

Fieldlab in Protein Transition and Food & Health:

  • AgriFood Capital + Greenport Venlo + Regio Foodvalley
  • Largest agrifood production area in Europe
  • Collaboration of business, science and public partners in agrifood
  • Labour: 150.000 employees
  • Export: € 15 billion (= 15% of total Dutch export)
  • Challenge: transitioning from ‘business as usual’ towards a sustainable agrifood system
  • FoodNL participates in international projects and partnerships, such as Interreg, Horizon, Thematic Smart Specialisation Platform Agri-food, ERIAFF, etc.

Protein transition

In transitioning towards a more sustainable production and consumption of proteins, we work together on developing new, plant-based products, sustainable animal proteins and supporting consumers to make the right choice.


Stimulating and facilitating:

  • The shift towards a more sustainable animal protein production and consumption
  • The development of new plant-based proteins



  • Facilitating startups and scale-ups
  • Facilitating education
  • World Food Centre (city of Ede)
  • Insect programs
  • Field labs
  • AgroProeftuin De Peel
  • Egg Valley

Food & Health

We connect science, business and public partners to create innovations that promote a healthy food environment for our growing population. Together we work towards increasing knowledge and awareness on how a healthy and sustainable food environment supports fitness and vitality.


  • Creating a healthy food environment
  • Increasing knowledge & awareness on healthy food
  • Reducing food waste throughout the agrifood chain


Applied in:

  • Daily use
  • The food production chain from farm to fork
  • Health care
  • Education


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